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Breaking the Cycle of TEEN Domestic Violence


The Téa Bayonne Choates Foundation’s purpose is to continue the work of bringing awareness to domestic violence against teens and young women. The foundation was formed as a result of the of Téa Bayonne Choates, who at 19 years old, was murdered August 2019 by her then fiancé.


About TBCF
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The Girl, LIVE! movement was established through the foundation because Téa was known for LIVing in the moment and being life of everything that she did. Téa would bring home friends and young ladies struggling to have a place to rest until they got a good meal and back on their feet. She was a caretaker but extremely funny, loud, and loved life! She LIVEd life to the fullest and her and foundation wants to continue her efforts and encourage young ladies to choose life over toxic relationships and LIVE!


In spreading the word through the Girl, LIVE! movement, our goal is to reach upping ladies and provide education and resources that can help break the cycle of domestic violence amongst their families, friends and communities. A parent should never have to bury their children for any reason, so close to live Today, Everyday, Always….LIVE!!


Thank you for reaching out to us!

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